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'Baby Face Killer''s Great Escape

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 January 2014)

      The picture of innocence.

Ali Kaya, known as Turkey's 'Baby Face Killer',
escaped from Gaziantep H-type prison on 5 January.
A report has been prepared regarding the negligence
that allowed for his escape.

According to claims, Kaya made a ladder for himself
by tying together boards with 105 meters of string and
used it to scale the high barbed wire fence. Kaya then
found a camera blind spot to descend to. He snuck into
the open area of the adjacent E-type prison and pretended
to be escorting a visiting elderly woman in a wheelchair.

Kaya next returned to the H-type prison's open area,
where he rested for 15 minutes and drank water. Here
he was caught on camera but was nevertheless able to
leave with the other visitors and escape.

After the incident it was determined that there were no
cameras at the visitors' entry point and this failing was
reported by officials. Investigations are continuing into
the negligence involved in missing Kaya while he was
resting for 15 minutes in view of a camera.

It has been learned that Kaya was trying to obtain a
scheme of the prison's layout three months ago, indicating
that his escape plan had been in the works for a while.
As the probe continues, all police units in Gaziantep and
throughout the country are on alert for the 'lifer' who
may kill again at any time.

Kaya's cellmates have been slapped with a one-year
meeting ban and posters have been distributed to
catch the serial killer. Informants are asked to call 155.

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