17 Şubat 2014 Pazartesi

Fake Salt-making Gang Busted in Zonguldak

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 February 2014)

'Even if it walks like salt and talks like
salt, it still isn't salt!'

In Zonguldak, a gang that was producing fake
salt, shampoo, tea and various food products,
using famous brands like Billur Tuz (Salt), has
been busted.  Acting on a tip, poliçe and Gendarmerie
teams conducted raids in Kozlu and Kilimli districts
and in an industrial area of Kardeşler village in
Zonguldak city.

During the raid a machine for making fake salt
was seized, along with industrial salt, salt sacks
and a machine for making little bags for the fake

The site in question was sealed six months ago
but was being accessed from an adjacent block.
Taken into custody during the raid were E.B.
and A.B., while one individual remains at large.

The operation netted 20 25-kilogram salt sacks,
34 500-gram black tea packets, a quantity of
shampoo, empty detergent and tea packages
and holograms belonging to famous brands.

             Zonguldak province

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