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Breaking Spells Doesn't Come Cheap

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 February 2014)

    Medium Nur at the controls in her cockpit.

Life coach Nuray N. and her son Eray P.,
a former jockey, have run the Tılsım Cafe in
Bakırköy, Istanbul, for two years.  On the
cafe's website, Nuray is called 'Medium Nur',
supposedly possessing a natural inclination
for the mystical and having developed herself
through training with a great many scholars.
Medium Nur works in many fields, from
erectile disfunction to finding lost friends.

One of Medium Nur's regular customers is
Lütfiye Ş. and Nur told Lütfiye that her
oft-stated complaints were the result of a
spell cast upon her by a priest.

According to the indictment announced by the
Bakırköy public prosecutor, Nuray N. offered
to break the priest's spell for 1,000 TL and when
Lütfiye agreed Nuray wrote a charm on a little
piece of paper.

However, Lütfiye's complaints were not rectified
so Nuray wrote charm after charm to break the
priest's spell, amassing 53,000 TL from Lütfiye
in the process.

Finally realizing that she was being bamboozled,
Lütfiye went to the prosecutor and filed a complaint,
providing the written charms as proof of the fraud.
The prosecutor has opened a case against Nuray and
her son Eray for committing fraud by exploiting
religious beliefs and emotions. If found guilty they
face jail sentences of up to 7 years.

For his part, Eray explained that "Lütfiye wanted tips
on the horses from me. She sent money from her
winnings to my account six or seven times as a
commission. I didn't get any other Money from her."

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