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Creature From the Woodpile

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 18 February 2014)

We probably look pretty scary to him (or her).

In Osmaniye, the skeleton of a creature measuring 55 centimeters,
with fang-like teeth but no front legs, was found in the woodpile
of a home.  The creature has frightened citizens and the person who
found the skeleton, Adile Karataş, said that "it's the skeleton of an
animal noone knows anything about. Our neighbors have found out
about the discovery. Everyone's afaid to leave their house and our
kids are scared to play outdoors."

Veterinarian Ali Laçinbla examined the skeleton and agreed that the
lack of front legs, the large skull and overall form give citizens the
right to be concerned. He also provided the following information
"since the skeleton's carpal bones are long it definately cannot be
a dog or a cat. I think the creature may have been killed by other
animals and brought here. I've sent photographs to professors at
the university  so they can determine the creature's nature."

Prof. Dr. Kadir Aslan, head of the anatomy section at Kafkas
University's Veterinary Faculty, stated that the skeleton may be
that of a weasel, a member of the marten family.

Osmaniye province.


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