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Living Dead, Thanks to Big Brother

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 20 February 2014)

‘Vallahi yaşıyorum’

             Alive and well, but barely breathing.

Hakan Ceyhan went from Alanya district in Antalya
province to Ankara in 2001 to do his military service.
His older brother Gokhan Ceyhan, a military deserter
two years older than Hakan, took advantage of this
situation and had an identity card issued for himself in
his brother's name.

In 2002, Gokhan married a Swedish woman and settled
there. When Hakan left the army he wanted to get married
but the population bureau told him he was already wed.
So, on 7 March 2011 Hakan applied to court, proved that
his brother had had a fake ID card issued and once again
assumed bachelor status with the population bureau.

However, Gokhan drowned in Sweden in March 2013,
futher clouding Hakan's status. Hakan took possession of
his brother's body in their home town of  Kayseri but
noticed that the documents showed that he, Hakan, was
registered as the dead body.  On 12 June 2013, Hakan filed
suit in Alanya court and the case is continuing.

Hakan noted that "the lawyer told me that coming back
from the dead takes six months in Turkish court. But
it's now been 9 months that I'm considered 'dead'. At
the last hearing the judge gave a new date six months
from now. My brother's wife and son have to come from
abroad and give statements. I want to work but they say
'you're dead'. I go to the hospital and they turn me away
saying I'm already dead."

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