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Dog Appeals to Court for Freedom

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 February 2014)

They said 'speak', 'speak', but Ares wrote instead.

Mahmut Yazoğlu was managing a cafeteria in Istanbul
when he lost a suit regarding his non-payment of rent.
Bankruptcy officials showed up at Yazoğlu's home in
Gürece village in Bodrum and took his 7 year-old Labrador
Retriever 'Ares' into custody as compensation.

Yesterday, Ayhan Karahan, the head of the Citizens
Initiative, went to court in Bodrum and filed a petition
that he prepared in Ares's name. The petition was
accepted by the court. It reads as follows;

"The Yazoğlu family has not raised me for any commercial
purpose. I'm the family's naughty but loved member. I'm
sure I don't have any debts. I can't live with someone who
buys me at an auction. I have a family that I've lived
happily with for seven years. If this process continues I'll
run away from the new owner and he won't even know it.
I request that this impoundment action cease."

Karahan stated that this is a first in Turkey and he added
that "Ares's petition is being processed. We're curious
about the response. The impoundment order is illegal
because it is in conflict with law number 5199, approved
by Parliament on 24 June 2004."

A lawyer name Remzi Kazmaz had a different view: "If
its a small child or a disabled person then a lawyer can
handle a matter. But as far as I'm concerned, a dog filing
a petition like this on its own is ignorance." Nevertheless,
Kazmaz agreed that the Animal Protection Law states that
"house pets cannot be seized in bankruptcy proceedings."

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