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'Jerry Springer Show', Turkish Edition

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 February 2014)

Turkish 'Jerry' and views from the show.

It turns out that Melek Subaşı was playing a
role during her TV appearance that set viewing
records on the internet. Three years ago, Subaşı
appeared on Yalçın Çakır's program on Flash TV.
It was claimed that on the program Subaşı used
magic to mute her husband, who was on the
show too. She then fainted on stage.

Presenter Çakır hooked up Subaşı to a lie-detector and
asked her her birthday. In response, Subaşı answered
'Muş' (evidently her birthplace in eastern Turkey).
All viewers were glued to the screen for the live
program, with some saying 'this woman is a fake'
and other feeling sorry for her.  The images set
viewing records on social media and one person
commented that "she could get an Oscar if she's
needed for a crying role."

But it has come to light that the internet phenomenon
was a fake. Subaşı, the mother of three, applied to
an Istanbul court three years later, filing suit against
Çakır and Flash TV for 300,000 TL (150,000 USD).
Subaşı had no money for legal fees so the Istanbul
Bar Association appointed lawyers Cengiz Yıldız
and Bayram Polat to represent her.

Here is what happened three years ago: one of Subaşı's
children was born with a handicap and needed treatment.
Subaşı's brother (or sister) got in touch with Çakır and
explained his/her older sibling's situation. Çakır agreed
to put Subaşı on his show so she and her husband went
to talk with Çakır. The illiterate couple were made to
sign a paper and put in separate rooms. Each was told
"you'll insult each other and say all sorts of bad things."

Çakır also wanted Subaşı to faint during the show. He
told her to "faint on stage. Say to your husband that
he's not looking after you and running around with
other women. If you do this for us we'll benefit and
we'll help you and get an operation for your child."

The couple did what they were told but didn't get any
help in return. After the broadcast Subaşı's life was
a mess. Her husband accused her of shaming him
and left her.  Subaşı still had three children to look
after but was jobless. Her family turned its back on
her and the children were shunned at school.

Her lawyers want all clips from the show taken off
the internet and their client awarded 300,000 TL in

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