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'South Park' Muscled at Istanbul Bar

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 13 February 2014

Last year (2013), on the evening of 10 January
Thomas Michael Vogt, a long-time editor for
the U.S. animation series 'South Park', left his
hotel in Taksim Square to go for an evening
stroll.  A person came up to Vogt and said in
English "I know a good place to go, come on."

As the man insisted, Vogt gave in and went to
Pera Bar where immediately two bar girls and
a bottle of champagne arrived at Vogt's table.
Vogt became irritated and rose to leave without
drinking anything.  Nevertheless, he was
presented with a bill for 520 TL (250 USD).

Facing a beating if he didn't pay up, Vogt gave
the bar employees 200 TL and 100 USD - everthing
he had in his wallet. Vogt then went straight to
the nearest poliçe station, gave a statement and
then returned to Pera Bar with the poliçe. There,
he identified bar owner Mehmet S.Ç., waiters
Burak K. and Mehmet A., and bar girls Müjgan S.
and Fatma M.

After interrogations at the prosecutor's office all
the suspects were released but a case was filed
against them, charging them with 'grand theft',
which carries a sentence of from 5 to 15 years.
Suspects Mehmet S.Ç., Fatma M., Mehmet A.
and Burak K. attended the hearing.

Mehmet S.Ç. asserted that they didn't forceably
take money from anyone and he added that "I
am the owner-manager of the aforementioned
bar. Mehmet A. and the other waiters brought
the bill to the individual in question. Although
I don't remember exactly, the bill came to around
380 TL. The customer paid the bill without

 The court committee reviewing the case
concluded that there was insufficient evidence
to charge the suspects and they were all aquitted.

      No happy ending for South Park this time

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