12 Ekim 2011 Çarşamba

Best Little Whorehouse in Bursa

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 11 October 2011)

In Bursa, Semra Tarla (25) put an add entitled 'Alo Dansöz' (bellydancer),
with a picture of herself wearing the appropriate outfit, in the local paper,
promising to dance on special nights. However, Semra was arrested for
prostitution in the home of Nalan M. (55) who let Semra use her house
after Semra promised Nalan that she would 'get treatment for you', in
connection with Nalan's lung cancer and brain tumor.

Nalan was brought under duress to the police station, where she was
charged with 'providing a location for prostitution', although Nalan denied
the accusation. She explained that 'when the police came I was sleeping
because I'm ill. Semra came to the house now and then with her friends
but I didn't know they were engaged in prostitution. She would bring
things I needed in the kitchen and my medicines. Semra told me 'I'll
get you treated and ensure a comfortable life for you' and she gave me
50TL each time she came.'

Semra was arraigned in court for 'enabling prostitution' and arrested.
Nalan was released pending trial.

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