24 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Luxury Hookers Controlled from Siberia

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 22 October 2011)

Istanbul police started trailing a prostitution gang four months ago and
conducted simultaneous raids in Beşiktaş, Kemerburgaz and Etiler on Tuesday,
hitting 48 sites with 200 policemen. In the raid, 17 of the gang's board of
directors, including 10 women, were arrested. The gang is headed by
Russian Maria L. who lives in Siberia.

Some 50 women who provide prostitution services for 1,000 Euro per night
were taken into custody during the raid. It was determined that the suspects
sent women to sex parties at 5-star hotels, homes, rented luxury villas and pools,
based on their customers' requests. All this was done via an internet site the
gang set up. Police also seized four taxis used to take the women to customers.

Police determined that the gang members used coded words to avoid detection,
such as saying 'going for treatment' to mean prostitution. A Turkish woman,
one of the suspects, tried to hide her identity while speaking with customers over
the internet by telling them she was Russian and writing in broken Turkish to try
to convince them of this.

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