24 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Czech It Out: Stutter-Step Robbery

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(Vatan Newspaper, 23 October 2011)

Businessman U.Ö. (40), who has an office in the Istanbul Mineral Goods Dealers
(IMES) Industrial Estate in the Ümraniye section of Istanbul, parked his car in
front of a bank in the estate on 17 October in order to withdraw money. As he
was leaving the scene after withdrawing 220,000TL another car hit his. The two
people who got out of the car tried to apologize but couldn't stop stuttering.
Actually, they were trying to distract U.Ö.

Seeing that there was only minor damage to his car and not being able to
understand the two stutterers anyway, U.Ö. left the area. Soon afterwards,
though, he noticed that the bag containing the 220,000TL was missing so he
went to the police. Upon reviewing security camera images from the area,
police determined that the suspects used two foreign-made cars, one of which
was stopped at the Kapıkule border gate. Czech citizens Zurap A. (41) and
Roini U. (48) were taken into custody, along with about 40,000TL in their

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