3 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Just Wanted to Defray Wedding Expenses

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 September 2011)

In Bursa, Robbery Bureau teams from the Public Security Directorate took
action in connection with the theft of nearly two kilograms of gold from 15
houses over the past month in the Işıklar and Ertuğrulgazi neighborhoods of
Central Yıldırım district. Ramazan Büyük (23), Ercan Can Katar (25),
Halil Efe(40) and Harun Efe (23) were taken into custody at their homes
while Harun Efe's father, Kemal Efe (58), was arrested as he left the
mosque after morning prayers.

The gang members acknowledged their guilt during questioning but said that
they had given the gold to Harun Efe, who will be getting married in 20 days,
so he could buy household appliances and pin some of the gold on his
intended bride. Ramazan Büyük, Ercan Can Katar, Halil Efe and Harun Efe,
who broke into the building housing the Yıldırım District Administrative
Headquarters and the Security Directorate to steal a television, were charged
with 'robbery'. Kemal Efe was charged with 'hiding and selling stolen goods.'
They were all transported to jail.

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