20 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

'Professor' Pinched by Prints on Plastic

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 19 October 2011)

A 26 year-old woman named E.E. filed a complaint with police, saying that
a person who introduced himself over the internet as a professor had put
out an add for an assistant. E.E. applied for the position but 'the person I
interviewed with wanted my cellphone and credit card. He flashed a gun
and threatened me.'

Police went into action to capture this individual, who was using a false
identity, and two more women complained to them, asserting that 'this
person who identified himself as a professor took our cellphones and
credit cards giving excuses like 'I forgot my cellphone at the office' or
'my credit card doesn't work'. Then he disappeared.'

Police determined three addresses where the suspect might live and they
took finger prints off a plastic bottle left at the door of one of them. The
prints turned out to belong to Mehmet A. who was on file with the police.
Mehmet A. was taken into custody and identified by E.E. and the two
women whose cellphones and credit cards he had taken.

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