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Wrath of Mom

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 October 2011)

In Pendik, Istanbul, Kemal Yıldız (47), a construction contractor who is married
and has a child, started living apart from his wife seven years ago. Yıldız
subsequently fell in love with Mübetcan Tıngır (27) and has lived with her for
the past seven years, telling Mübetcan that he would divorce his wife and marry
her. But when Yıldız didn't get divorced and marry her daughter, Meryem Tıngır
(55), whose flat was given to her by Yıldız who now wants it back, got angry.

Meryem Tıngır had argued with Yıldız quite often and she summoned him to
a cafe yesterday morning in Pendik to talk things over. Predictably, another
argumen arose so Meryem took out a pistol and shot Yıldız who was hit four
times. He died at the scene. Meryem Tıngır was taken into custody and
interrogated at the Pendik Security Bureau. In her statement, she said that
'He's been with my daughter for a long time. He said he'd divorce his wife
and marry Mübetcan. But he wouldn't get divorced and he even took out
credit in my daughter's name from the bank, leaving her in debt. When
gossip increased in the neighborhood I wanted to head it off.'

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