24 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Visa Problem in UK Clouds May-December Romance

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 22 October 2011)

Julie Haycocks (53) is fighting to prevent her Turkish boyfriend, Cihat
Hacıvelioğulları (19), from being deported from England because his visa has
expired. The Turkish youth, who goes by the nickname 'Alex' and works in
a kebab restaurant in the town of Shropshire, is currently being held at the
Dungavel Immigrant Transfer Center in Scotland.

The women explained that she first met Cihat three years ago when he was
working as a cashier at Tesco and that it was love at first sight. She poured
out her troubles, saying 'he proposed to me six months after we met. How
stupid was I to say that we needed more time.'

Haycocks is a widow with three chidren, aged 30, 28 and 26. She is now
running a signature campaign called 'Residency Rights for Alex' but Cihat's
fate is in the hands of the immigration officials in West Midlands. A decision
is expected within four weeks as to whether or not he can stay in England.
Cihat works at his uncle's Five Star kebab restaurant and said that 'my
family behaved with prejudice about my relationship with Julie but I know
our love is real.'

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