14 Ekim 2011 Cuma

Demon Weed Very Much in Moda

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 October 2011)

In Istanbul, a gang that delivered drugs to homes and night clubs via taxis
has been busted. One of the gang members raised hemp in her garden in
the Moda section of the city. After drying, mariuana was obtained.

Ayşe Maina turned her garden in Moda into a mariuana greenhouse. She
was among a 21-person drug gang that was busted during simultaneous
raids on 5 October.  Police received a tip five months ago that a drug
gang was delivering narcotics to homes and night clubs, using commercial
taxis. In the investigation, gang leader Ilyas Kanbay, who was being sought
for eight crimes, including narcotics trafficking, was also arrested.

It was determined that hemp plants were being grown in Maina's Moda
home and then turned into mariuana after being dried. Ten persons who
were customers of the gang, including Şule Karabacak, who finished first
on the TV show 'Yemekteyiz' (We're Having Dinner), were also arrested.
There were university students among the gang members and customers.
Additionally, the gang was raising hemp at a farm home in Keşan
in Edirne province and bringing it to Istanbul for sale.

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