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'Fugitive' Lives On After Courthouse TV Fiasco

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 October 2011)

The Istanbul Bakırköy Courthouse was the scene of a real escape during the
filming of a TV show 'I Loved a Child'. The handcuffed suspect was brought into
the courthouse via the personnel entrance by plainclothes policemen but escaped
by mixing in with the TV actors who were dressed in police and Gendarmerie
uniforms on a set in the building's entrance area.

The comic, if bewildering, escape incident occurred on Sunday, 16 October, in
the morning hours when filming of the TV show had begun in the large area
where courthouse personnel enter and exit. Although it was a weekend and the
building was quiet, the TV show set was crowded. At 11 AM the handcuffed
suspect, accompanied by three plainclothes policemen, entered through the
personnel entrance. As the policemen were trying to comprehend what was
happening, with all the actors in police and Gendarmerie uniforms standing
around, the suspect took advantage of their momentary distraction and plunged
in among the actors.

By the time the real police figured out what had happened, the suspect was
headed for the door. As the police pursued they yelled 'catch him' but the
policemen at the door, thinking it was all part of the TV show they'd been
watching all morning, opened the door for the suspect who screamed 'I'm
one of the TV actors!'.

After making it outside the suspect disappeared and the TV filming started
up again following the commotion. A record was made of the 'escape
caused by confusion' and an inquiry initiated.


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