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Turkish Slumlord in Philly Becomes Hero

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 19 October 2011)

Former NCO Turgut Gözleveli (71) has lived in Philadelphia USA for 47
years. He bought three apartments in the city with money he made as an
electrician. Last week he went to one of his apartment buildings in
connection with cleaning issues and to talk with his tenants. What he found
in the furnace room were four Americans who had been kept there without
food or water for a week.

The mentally-challenged captives were chained and a dog was guarding
them. Their captor turned out to be the mother of one of the tenants. The
woman, Linda Ann Weston (51), had years before locked her daughter's
boyfriend Bernardo Ramos (25) in a bathroom where he died from lack
of food and water. She was found guilty of third-degree murder in that
incident and served time in prison.

It was determined that Weston's boyfriend Gregory Thomas (47) and one
Eddie Wright (50) participated in her ugly game. All the suspects were
arrested by police on Sunday and put in jail. On Monday they were brought
before a judge where bail was set at 2.5 million USD. The suspects then
went to prison.

Weston had in her possession a file with the social security numbers of 50
people, which was seized. An investigation will determine when she used
them and the money she collected. According to a statement from the FBI,
one of the people chained in the furnace room was Tamara Breeden (29),
who was reported missing by her family n 2005. The other three victims
were aged 31, 35 and 41 and one of their names is Herbert Knowles.

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