9 Ekim 2011 Pazar

Pumpkin Surfeit Brings Down the House

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 October 2011)

Nurettin Parlakkılıç, a 62 year-old fruit wholesaler who lives in Zeytinburnu,
Istanbul, brought 12 tons of pumpkins to Istanbul from Adapazarı two
weeks ago to market. Finding them difficult to sell and having no place else 
to put the pumpkins, which weigh 10 or 12 kilograms each, Parlakkılıç piled
them into his house where he's lived for 40 years. He lined the pumpkins up
in rooms and on stairs and put the rest on the roof. However, when the
roof's wall cracked Parlakkılıç feared that the wall would collapse so he
started to move the pumpkins to an open area on the roof.

At this point the wall did collapse and both Parlakkılıç and the pumpkins
fell 2.5 meters down. Nearby neighbors took Parlakkılıç to the hospital
where his broken arm was put in a cast. Parlakkılıç explained that 'when
there was no place left in the house I had to put them on the roof. Thinking
that I couldn't fit them all in I started to line them up at the base of the roof
wall. When a cracking sound came from the wall I was afraid it would
collapse so I wanted to put them in the open area. As I was moving the
pumpkins I suddenly found myself down below. Evidently, the wall
collapsed because of the pressure. By the grace of God I didn't die.'

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