17 Ekim 2011 Pazartesi

Holy Man Defrocked, Literally

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 16 October 2011)

In Antalya, a retired imam who works in real estate, H.K.(56), filed a
complaint with police about two women who he said were blackmailing
him for 200,000TL with naked photos and video images in their possession.
H.K. explained that the two women called him about selling a house. While
chatting with them he drank some cola and then passed out.

When he awoke the women were gone but H.K. stated that a day later
they called him and said they had the naked photos and videos. He said
he then gave them 2,000TL. The next day they called H.K. again but
demanded 200,000TL this time. So the police gave H.K. marked bills,
which he then passed to Neşe T. (45) and Ebru K. (35). H.K. then left
the scene and the women were caught red-handed. The two were taken
into custody and their home computers were seized, as well.

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