20 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

Long Arm of Turkish Army Snares RIM CEO

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 October 2011)

The creator of the Blackberry smart phone, Mike Lazaridis, is said to be
trying to find a solution that will exempt him from military service in Turkey.
Lazaridis is the CEO and president of RIM and with assets of 1.3 million
USD ranks 51st among Canada's wealthiest citizens. RIM officials are due
in Turkey this week for talks on important projects but RIM's other CEO,
Jim Balsillie, will represent the company because a solution to Lazaridis's
military service problem has not yet been found.

Lazaridis was born to a Greek family in Pangaltı, Istanbul, in March 1961.
He and his family emigrated to Canada in 1967, where he attended
Waterloo University but, like many other famous people in the technology
world, left school in his last year. Lazridis founded RIM in 1984.

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