16 Ekim 2011 Pazar

Crazed Drivers Torch City Hall

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 October 2011)

In Adıyaman's Kahta district, when ten new minibuses went into service
the already-working minibus drivers protested. The drivers brought their
vehicles in front of the three-story municipal building yesterday, closing the
road to traffic. One of the drivers set fire to his minibus by pouring gasoline
over it and the flaming vehicle rolled toward the municipal building where
it crashed.

The flames rose up to the building's third floor and created quite a panic.
People inside made for the windows and screamed for help. Firefighting
teams put out the fire quickly. 31 individuals, among them Kahta District
Chief for the AK Party, Reşat Turanlı, were treated for smoke inhalation
at the hospital. The police took 10 people into custody in connection with
the incident.

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