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Mystery Brit of Many Names Really a Turk

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(Vatan Newspaper, 16 October 2011)

Identifying himself as an English citizen, Alex Winter used fake identities
to marry two women but his ruse was exposed by his latest wife, Fatma D.

On 4 August 2010 Winter married Fatma D. at the Beylikdüzü Marriage
Bureau. However, after the marriage Winter claimed that he had to go to
England often for work because he was a BBC television correspondent.
He also claimed that because of his reports he had received death threats
and, with government permission, used various identities to avoid danger.
A while later Winter said that he was having financial difficulties and asked
Fatma D. to establish a line of credit for him from her bank. Not being one
to deny anything to her spouse, Fatma D. set up a 20,000TL credit line
for Winter.

After this development, though, Fatma D. got suspicious about Winter's
odd behavior and started to look into his background. Following his trail
like a detective, Fatma D. came face to face with some unexpected
realities. She researched the names Mark Scott and Ian Francis, which
Winter had told her he had used, and found out that Scott had married
a woman named Eda C. in Mersin in 2006 and that they had a child. Fatma
D. sent photographs to the Mersin marriage bureau and determined that
Alex Winter and Ian Francis were the same person. A bewildered Fatma D.
also learned that Winter had another child from a relationship with a woman
in Çanakkale.

Fatma D. found out that Winter, using the name Mark Scott, had defrauded
young people in Mersin, promising to send them abroad, and that an arrest
warrant had been issued for him. At this point, Fatma D. filed a divorce suit
in the Büyükçekmece Family Court through lawyer Şenol Caner. She also
filed a complaint about Winter for the crime of fraud.

Fatma D. explained what she had gone through to Vatan, saying that 'in
2009 I met him through a family friend. He told me that he was a BBC
correspondent and that because of this he was in danger so he was given
different identities by the English government. I knew him as Mark Scott,
but I married him as Alex Winter. It seems he thought I had money. I took
20,000TL from the bank and gave it to him to help him. He never showed
me an identity card, just passports and I saw that he had come and gone
here and there. When I got suspicious I decided to track him but when he
found out he threatened me and told me to stop, otherwise he couldn't
be responsible for what might happen.'

This person who identifies himself as Alex Winter was actually born in
Kahramanmaraş and lived there until he was 20, according to Fatma D.
'after doing his military service he got asylum in England and then returned
to Turkey after living in England for ten years. I learned that he was involved
with construction work. Now I want this man arrested as soon as possible
and punished.'

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