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Evidence Room Chief Duped But Thief Gets Nabbed

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 November 2011)

An interesting robbery occurred yesterday at the Judicial Forensic Medical
Center in Istanbul's Yenibosna district. An individual around 30 years old
came to the Chemical Speciality Office, where the evidence for critical cases,
murders and death incidents is held, with measuring tape and other supplies.
He told everyone 'Quick, get out of here. I'm going to install a drinking
fountain and I have to set it in silicon.'  The thief took valuables and money
and disappeared.

The unknown intruder moved past security freely and first went to the
office of Chemical Specialty Office chief Dr. Mahmut Aşırdizer, advising
him to leave his office while he installed the drinking fountain. The clever
thief then stole the wallet, cellphone and other valuables he found in
Dr. Aşırdiver's drawer, desk and jacket. Using the same technique, he
robbed the personnel in other rooms.

The robbery came to light when a message came to Dr. Aşırdiver's
cellphone (!) alerting him that a large amount of money had been
withdrawn from his bank via his credit card. It was understood, as well,
that gold purchased with money collected for the wedding next month
of a worker in the Chemical Specialty Office went missing. Police
took possession of video images related to the incident.

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(Sabah Newspaper, 25 November 2011)

A person has been taken into custody in connection with the robbery
incident at the Chemical Specialty Office of the Judicial Forensic
Medical Center. Police determined the license plate of the vehicle
used by the suspect who allegedly stole cellphones, wallets and
jewelry from personnel in the office in Istanbul's Yenibosna district.

Police learned that the vehicle had been rented in Avcılar and an
operation was mounted there, resulting in Gürsoy E., who had a
fake identity card with the name Cihan A., being taken into
custody.  The suspect has a record of 25 robberies in police files
and was incarcerated at Ankara's Sincan Open Prison for his
involvement in a robbery in Bahçelievler that occurred in 2006.
He had been released on leave 22 days ago but did not return
to the prison. The suspect was identified by personnel from the
Judicial Forensic Medical Center.

Furthermore, the Judicial Forensic Medical Center denied reports
that material that would determine the cause of death of Kaşif
Kozanoğlu, who became ill and died in Silvri Prison on 12
November, may have been tainted during the robbery. In a
statement it was said that 'the material in question was held
in a laboratory separate from the robbery scene, which has a
card-controlled door.'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 November 2011)

Gürsoy Erinci (31), who robbed the Judicial Forensic Medical
Center in Yenibosna, where the evidence for critical cases is kept,
on 22 November was captured while enjoying himself at a 'pavyon'
(cheap nightclub). Erinci explained that 'I was working at a company
that supplied water to the Judicial Forensic Medical Center before
I went to prison. Once in a while I brought the water there myself
so I identified myself as a company member and entered. After I
left I bought a cellphone money card and a suit with the credit card.
I also cashed in the jewelry.'

On 22 November, Erinci had entered the office of E.A. and took
2,000TL worth of jewelry from her handbag. Then he went to the
office of the chief, Dr. Mahmut Aşırdizer, and stole the wallet in
the drawer there.

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