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Doctors, Not Janitors, Get the Girls

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 November 2011)

Hasan A. worked as a janitor for a while at Haseki Training and Research
Hospital in Istanbul and then returned in doctor's clothing after he left the
job. Hasan A. walked around the hospital without attracting anyone's
attention (!) and began introducing himself as a doctor to patients'
female relative that he zeroed in on.

Hasan A. met S.K., who came to the hospital to visit her sick father, in
this manner. He brought the woman to the orthopedic storeroom, which
he told her was his office, and engaged in sex with S.K. there. The
hospital's security personnel entered the room at this time and caught
the two 'in the act.'

The security personnel realized that Hasan K. was not a doctor and
informed the police and a Region A Security Team from the Public
Safety Directorate came and took Hasan K., who was wearing a doctor's
frock with the name 'Dr. Mert' on it, into custody. Hasan A. claimed
that he already knew the woman he was caught with. He was released
without a statement being taken.

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