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A Very Complicated Revenge Story

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 November 2011)

An unbelievable story of revenge has emerged following the murder of
a father and daughter in the Inegöl district of Bursa. The murder suspect,
Alaadin Kaya, went to the home of Emrah Çetin, who was allegedly having
an affair with Kaya's wife, and killed Çetin's father and sister. Police have
captured Kaya, who said 'I regret it. Noone should die like that.'

According to claims, Emrah Çetin (22), the son of Yakup Çetin (52) who
is the father of seven children, had an affair with Elif Kaya, who is married
and the mother of three children. Three months ago Alaadin Kaya (38)
learned about the affair and sent his wife to Ankara, where her family
lives, and filed a divorce suit.

Emrah Çetin's older sister Serap Keskin sent a message to Elif Kaya (28),
telling her to 'keep away from my brother.' Two months ago Elif Kaya
returned to Bursa, stabbed Serap Keskin during an argument and was
sent to prison. The day before yesterday Alaadin Kaya attended the
hearing for his wife and then went to the home of Yakup Çetin where
he killed Yakup Çetin and his daughter Semra Çetin (21).

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