5 Kasım 2011 Cumartesi

Shock Treatment for Unruly Flyer


(Hüğrriyet Newspaper, 4 November 2011)

Alpaslan T. (35), lives in Australia and was flying to Istanbul,
having made a connection in Seoul. When he tried to light a
cigarette on the plane he was prevented from doing so by the
cabin crew. Alpaslan T. then hurled abuse, first verbally and
then physically, toward the crew.

The plane's pilot, also a Turk, emerged from the cockpit to
talk with Alpaslan T. who, despite warnings from the captain,
remained agitated and demanded whiskey. It is claimed that
when taken to the plane's kitchen for a talk with the captain
he attacked the pilot, who was trying to convince him to calm

At this point the captain brought Alpaslan T. under control
by using an electroshock device, after which he was tied to
his seat by the cabin crew and remained there for four hours.
The Korean Airlines plane landed at Atatürk Airport the
evening before last at 1830 hours. Alpaslan T. was taken into
custody on a charge of 'threatening flight safety' and transported
to Bakırköy Mental Hospital.

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