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Gold Mining with Pickax Lives On in Trabzon

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 November 2011)

The night before last in the municipality of Çağlayan in Trabzon city
some thieves saw an opportunity when most of the people went to a wedding.
They stole 60,000TL worth of gold and disappeared.

First of all, the robbers entered the home of Mayor Cafer Sadıklar where they
found a 200 kilogram safe. They took the safe outside through a window to a
point 70 meters away and broke into the safe using a pickax. After stealing the
45,000TL worth of gold in the safe the thieves proceeded on to the homes of
Necati Sadıklar and Enver Sadıklar.

Cafer Sadıklar asserted that the robbery had been planned in connection with
he and his relatives going to the wedding of his nephew the night before last.
He stated that 'our nephew was getting married. Noone stayed at home. A
total of 60,000TL was stolen.' The Gendarmerie has initiated an investigation
into the incident.

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