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Bilking Dead Mother-in-Law For Nine Years

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(Sabah Newspaper, 21 November 2011)

In Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, a charge has been filed against Sedat Süsler,the
son-in-law of Ruhiye Çetik who died at the age of 88 nine years ago,
claiming that Süsler has been collecting the dead woman's retirment salary
all this time.

In a statement to the Bakırköy Public Prosecutor, which has begun an
inquiry into the matter based on a tip, Süsler said that 'When my mother
-in-law died in 2002 we applied to BAĞKUR (a retirement fund) to
have her salary linked to her daughter Ayşen Çetik. But BAĞKUR
stated that since Ayşen was already insured her mother's salary could
not be transferred to her. Subsequently, in 2003 I drew some death
money (sic 'ölüm parası') - I can't remember the amount - from my
mother-in-law's account using her card. I withdrew this money in
Bakırköy and gave it to Ayşen Çetik.'

The prosecutor has filed a charge against Sedat Süsler for the crime of

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