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Sacrificial Payback for Unlucky Butcher

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 November 2011)

The incident occurred this morning in the Çepni neighborhood of Çorum. A
place to butcher animals (for the Feast of Sacrifice/Kurban Bayramı) was set
up with a tracked hanging system at the entrance of the private Alaybey
Boys High School dormitory. Butcher Murat Yıldız climbed up to the
elevated track, which was about four meters high, in order to hang the
butchered animals.

When the whole apparatus collapsed Yıldız fell to the ground along with
the animal carcasses. There were six livestock carcasses hooked to the
apparatus and Yıldız was crushed under one of them. As the result of a
severe blow to the head he died at the scene.

Butcher Murat Yıldız's lifeless body was taken to the morgue at Çorum
State Hospital in a vehicle belonging to the Çorum municipality. It was
reported that Yıldız had come from Sivas's Yıldızeli district to Çorum to
butcher the animals. An investigation into the incident is continuing.

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