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Cozy and Convoluted Brotherly Wrecking Crew

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 November 2011)

Teacher Harun Reşit Ünüvar parked his Chevrolet automobile in front of an
apartment house in Beylikdüzü on 1 February 2010. An hour later the car was
no longer where he had parked it. Bystanders told Ünüvar that police had
towed the car so he went to Duran Autopark to get his car back but instead
was shocked to see that the octopus arm of the wrecker, which had civilian
plates although the sign at the facility read 'Beylikdüzü Security Directorate',
had fallen on the roof of car, inflicting major damage.

Police made a record of the incident and an insurance company paid for the
expenses related to Ünüvar's automobile. When Ünüvar tried to sell the car
a few months later he learned that because of the roof damage his 17,000TL
car was only worth 7,500TL. Ünüvar called Refik Akdağ, president of the
Beylikdüzü Police Services Development and Support Association (BPSDSA),
who had given Ünüvar his card on the day of the incident, but could not reach
him. Contacts with the Beylikdüzü Security Directorate were fruitless, as

At this point, Ünüvar had lawyer Ilyas Harmandalı send a warning from
the Büyükçekmece Third Notary to ADR Ilker Automotive, the owner of
record for the wrecker whose headquarters is in Üsküdar. In response,
ADR sent a one-page rental agreement: the wrecker had been rented to
Hismak Engineering Company on 11 January 2010 for 3,000TL until
30 June 2010.

Ünüvar's lawyer Harmandalı then sent a warning letter to Hismak
Engineering in Fourth Levent, demanding payment for damages. Hismak
Engineering replied by sending a two-page rental contract: on 7 January
2010 - in other words before Hismak had leased it from ADR Ilker - the
wrecker had been rented by Hismak to the Beylikdüzü Police Services
Development and Support Association Economic Business Enterprise
(BPSDSAEBE). And despite the fact that Hismak Engineering's agreement
 with ADL Ilker was to end on 30 June, Hismak rented the wrecker to
BPSDSAEBE until 30 October 2010.

Based on the agreement, Hismak Engineering would receive a 50 percent
share for all towed vehicles and take care of all expenses associated with
the wrecker. The agreement was signed by BPSDSAEBE president Refik
Akdağ, who just happens to be co-owner of Hismak Engineering with
his older brother Engin Akdağ. In light of these developments, lawyer
Harmandalı filed a criminal complaint against Hismak Engineering and

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