14 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Wife Frames Wayward Hubby

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 November 2011)

In Antalya, a caller informed the police via the emergency 155 line that one
Kenan A. who lives in Serik was involved in the narcotics trade. Police then
stopped Kenan A.'s minibus at the entrance to Antalya and during a search
found 60 grams of hashish in ten packets and 12 Ecstacy pills hidden under
the front seat flooring. Kenan A. was taken into custody for questioning and
evidence was retrieved from the minibus.

The seized material and traces taken from the minibus were compared with
the blood and fingerprints of Kenan A. but no match was found. Police
determined that Kenan A. is married but has lived with another woman for
some time. Consequently, his relationship with his wife and son is strained
so police brought the wife, Şenay A., and son, Serdar A., to police
headquarters to make a statement.

Şenay A. stated that her husband was cheating on her so 'I wanted him to get
caught with narcotics and go to jail. I figured that if he was penniless the
woman he's living with would desert him and he'd come home. My son
took up the flooring in the minibus and I put the narcotics there. Then we
informed the police.' Serdar A. confirmed this account and both the mother
and son were taken into custody. The interrogation of the three suspects is
continuing with the police.

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