15 Kasım 2011 Salı

Holy Şit! Robbed on Feast's Eve 3X's

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 November 2011)

In Maltepe, Istanbul, thieves who have broken into a market for the past
three years on the eve of the holiday (Feast of Sacrifice/Kurban Bayramı)
did it again in the middle of the night. The incident was recorded by security
cameras. Two robbers wearing masks broke the door to the store at 0545
hours, went to a compartment under the safe where the cigarettes are kept
and took as many cigarettes as they could carry to their cars.

The thieves constantly surveilled their surroundings and didn't go outside if
a car passed along the street, in order not to draw attention to themselves.
At the last minute, one of the robbers noticed the security camera and hit it,
hoping to prevent the camera from recording. They stole all the cigarettes
in the store in five minutes and disappeared with 20,000TL worth of goods.

Ercan Şit (pronounced 'shit'), who noted that his store has been robbed for
the last three years on the eve of the holiday, pleaded with officials to catch
the thieves who have been plaguing him. The police investigation concerning
the matter is continuing.

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