21 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

Health Care: Hospital Crumbling; Patient Left Up a Tree

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(Akşam Newspaper, 19 November 2011)

While a possible earthquake in Istanbul is being talked about, five sections of
the Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital have been
evacuated because of the threat of collapse. Reportedly, the night before last
cracking sounds were heard in the columns, stemming from construction
underway nearby.

Cracks in the columns and foundations of the buildings housing  oncology,
the hemotology-dialysis unit, the children's polyclinic, the ear/nose/throat
polyclinic and the nursery were found. The patients were transferred to
different sections and other hospitals, while the equipment was removed.
The affected buildings were cordoned off with signs reading 'entry is
dangerous and forbidden.'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 November 2011)

This is real, not a joke...in Adana Muzaffer Beyazgeyik (46) went to a
health center, complaining about an influenza infection. After he was
examined a serum flow was attached to his arm. Shortly afterwards,
however, Beyazgeyik was told that 'work hours are over' and he was
ushered outside. So he hung the serum drip on a lemon tree branch
and waited for the health workers to come back from lunch.

The incident occurred the day before yesterday in Doğankent when
Beyazgeyik, suffering from weakness and a headache, went to the
health center. He was diagnosed with a gribal infection and a serum
flow was attached to his arm. But a while later one of the center's
workers told Beyazgeyik that 'it's 12 o'clock. We're closing, wait

Beyazgeyik was bewildered by this but, despite the rain, he was
forced to wait outside. He hung the serum bottle on a branch of
a lemon tree in the garden and waited an hour for the workers to
return. Beyazgeyik began to feel even worse and informed his
relatives. After the treatment he went to the district chief's
office to complain. Meanwhile, the Assistant Health Director
for Adana Province, Saadettin Özsürekçigil, stated that they
have started an inquiry into the matter.

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