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Drunken Libyans' Istanbul Night Out

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(Habertürk Newspaper, 22 November 2011)

Two Libyan opposition fighters were brought to Istanbul from Libya for
medical treatment at a private hospital. First, though, the two got beaten
up at a bar and then they claimed they received poor treatment at the
hospital they were taken to after the fight.

Libyan opposition fighters Ebu Aisha Muhammed and Abdül Manan
Ebu Gül went to a bar in Beyoğlu for a good time. Later Muhammed
got into an argument with the bar workers over the bill. The argument
escalated into fighting and both Muhammed and Gül were injured and
taken to Taksim Training and Research Hospital where they argued
with the doctors and security personnel whom they claimed weren't
paying enough attention to them.

The police were called to the hospital and brought the two Libyans
under control.  Muhammed made a statement to the press with the
assistance of officials from the Libyan Istanbul Consulate, saying
that he had been beaten at the bar and that 4,000 Euros, along with
his cellphone, was taken from him. Muhammed added that he
received poor treatment at the hospital, where he stabbed with an
injector in various parts of his body.

Muhammed stated that a bullet has struck the head of his friend
Gül during the fighting in Libya and that the bullet was still in
Gül's head. According to Muhammed, despite telling the hospital
workers that he didn't want Gül to be struck in the head Gül
was nevertheless hit in the head (!). Muhammed added '(Prime
Minister) Erdoğan, where are you? We're being treated badly.
Help us!'

Ebu Gül had been trasported to the hospital in an unconscious
state by a medical team. Taksim Training and Research Hospital
officials stated that Muhammed and Gül had attacked the nurses
who were caring for them and threatened a nurse and the relatives
of some patients with a needle-nosed injector. According to
hospital officials, security personnel intervened at this point
but did not use violence.

Blood samples were taken from Muhammed and Gül, whom
hospital officials claimed had imbibed excessive amounts of

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