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Turkish 'Rocky' KO's 'Godzilla' Attacker on Wall Street

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 November 2011)

Activists who are continuing their 'occupation' at Zucotti Park in the city of
New York in the U.S., with the aim of protesting unjust income distribution
and financial corruption, were attacked the day before yesterday. A mentally
unbalanced individual named Jeremy Clinch came to Zucotti Park early in the
morning. According to a statement in the New York Post, Clich terrorized
the tents 'like Godzilla' but ultimately crossed 'the wrong man'.

The unemployed attacker, from Cleveland, claimed that the protestors had
violated his living space. Clinch is said to be paranoid and had not taken his
medicine that day. Screaming 'I've been here since day one but I don't have
a tent. You haven't let me sleep for three months', Clinch then started kicking
the tents of the occupiers. When the tent of Turkish protestor Recai Iskender,
nicknamed 'Rocky', was targeted Iskender immediately woke up and went
out to defend himself.

Iskender floored the attacker with one punch and said 'this man is a police
agent. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is using every tactic to disperse this
protest.' An activist named Chris Guerra stated that Clinch has been doing
the same thing each morning since the protest started but 'this time he
roused the wrong bear from his sleep.'  The U.S. tabloids have taken to
calling Iskender 'Rocky'.

In connection with the protest, Iskender has conducted a hunger strike for
six days and lost 9 kilograms. On the internet he uses the moniker 'Reis'
(chief) but his name is not foreign to the Turkish public. Turkish diplomatic
sources in the U.S. confirmed that Iskender, whom the U.S. press has
characterized as a former Turkish diplomat based on Iskender's own
assertion, was an employee of the Turkish Foreign Ministry at one time.

Iskender began his service in the Foreign Ministry on 24 December 1986
as a 'candidate professional officer'. According to his own statement, when
he was 16 years old his father goaded him into attacking the principal of
his school because he was a 'communist'. Upon this information reaching
the Foreign Ministry years later, he was removed from the 'professional
officer' ranks and assigned to administrative duties, effectively ending his
chances to serve in an embassy.

He then began a legal fight and in 1999 he protested naked in front of the
Prime Minister's office in Ankara and chained himself to the statue of
Köroğlu in Bolu. Iskender now lives in the U.S. and owns a company
that rents buses.

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