16 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Starstruck Crook Foiled by Photo-op

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 November 2011)

Yahya Eminoğlu (35) resigned from the presidency of the Gebze Musicians
Association in Kocaeli a short while ago. He withdrew 70,000TL in credit
from a bank using a false identity and documents. When bank officials
became suspicious and reexamined Eminoğlu's paperwork they realized the
falsification and notified the police.

Eminoğlu was tracked by police who noticed that he put photographs of
himself with singer Ahu Tuğba that he had taken at the Golden Orange
Film Festival held in Antalya last month, on his Facebook page profile.
Based on this, police determined that Eminoğlu was in Antalya and they
went there to arrest him. Eminoğlu was brought before the court, charged
with 'first degree fraud' and incarcerated.

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