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Tender Trap Snares Businessman

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 21 November 2011)

Here's how an interesting incident that occurred in Antalya developed:
a businessman from Manisa, M.A., got a call on his cellphone about a
month ago and developed a relationship with the woman who called.
The woman invited M.A. to come to Antalya, which he did, and after
meeting her they went to a house in the Muratpaşa district.

M.A. explained that 'we drank some alcohol and started to make love.
At this point the door opened and two men entered. One of them
said to me 'Who are you?! What are you doing with my wife?!' and
then he attacked me. After they beat me they threatened me and made
me sign two negotiable vouchers. They also robbed me of the money
I had on me and took my cellphone. Then they let me go.'

M.A. reported the incident to the police who first raided the house
where M.A. had gone with the woman but it had been vacated. The
investigation continued and Berran Ç., Ahmet K. and Yasin V. were
taken into custody at a hiding place. A search at the scene produced
M.A.'s cellphone and the two negotiable vouchers the suspects had
made him sign.

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