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Afterlife Newspaper Delivery

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 December 2012)
Uncomplaining readers

In Mustafakemalpasa district, Bursa, Mehmet
Ozsakar (44) has a habit that surprises those
who see him. Ozsakar lost his older brother five
years ago and shortly afterwards his father and
his mother passed away. So each day he visits
the family cemetary but he doesn't just water the
flowers and pray. Ozsakar brings newspapers to
their graves every day.

While onlookers gaze in amazement, Ozsakar
leaves the local newspaper at the graves of his
brother and parents. For his grandmother, who
could neither read nor write, Ozsakar has a
special treatment - he reads the news to her at
the foot of her grave.

Those who see the newspaper distribution are
initially surprised but onlookers have gotten
used to it now. Explaining his efforts Ozsakar
said that "My brother and father read the newspaper
all the time, they were very curious. I didn't want
them to be left uninformed after their deaths.

Ozsakar, who is known locally as "the most thoughtful
child", said that "I lost my older brother Adem Ozsakar
five years ago. My mother Omurlu Ozsakar died a year
later from a brain hemorrhage. My dad Hamdi Ozsakar
was so distraught at losing them that he soon had a heart
attack and died.

I was very heartbroken by their deaths so each day
I get the local newspapers and leave one at each of
their graves so they know what's happening in the
town. I don't leave a paper at the grave of  my
grandmother Ruziye Uludag because she was
illiterate. But she gets bored with the full news
so I just read her the headlines and summaries."

Mustafakemalpasa left-center.

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