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Sarcophagi All Over the Place

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(Posta Newspaper, 8 Aralik 2012)
Catch a wave...

In Bartin, Amasra, fierce storm waves brought
a Roman-era sarcophagus and column parts on
to the shore rocks. Citizens reported the matter
to the Museum Directorate and officials made
the following statement: "historical artifacts
have washed up among the rocks at the (Black
Sea) shore. When the violent waves disturbed
the rocks the artifacts appeared."
Bartin up on the right...

sinop links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 8 December 2012)

Surprise in Sinop

In Sinop, one of  the important centers of  the Antique
Age on the Black Sea coast and where the famous
philosopher Diogenes lived, a historical surprise
appeared last week. TEDAS (electrik utility) teams
were digging in the Gelincik neighborhood of Sinop
city on wednesday when the hit a hard object. Thinking
it might be an artifact, they called the Sinop Archeological
Museum right away and the experts who  came determined
that the object was a sarcophagus.

The sarcophagus was extracted with a backhoe and taken
to the museum. Earthenware pots and jewelry - a total of
21 items - were recovered from the limestone case. The
sarcophagus likely held a woman and it was dated to
the 4th or 5th century B.C.  The items recovered were
listed as follows: two pots, seven vessels for perfume and
oil, a small earthenware statue,a bronze mirror, two bronze
rings, a ring collet, a bronze earing, a gold bracelet with 68
beads, a bronze eye pencil and bone box, and three bronze

Ozgur Ozarslan, Deputy Chief of the Culture and Tourism
Ministry, stated that "items previously unseen along the
Black Sea coast were found in the sarcophagus. These
kinds of stone artifacts are rarely found here." Ozarslan
said that the artifacts will be displayed at the Sinop
Archeological Museum. He added that infrastructure and
restoration efforts will be undertaken in Sinop, thanks to
a 9.2 million Euro grant from the EU. In a related move,
a plan and project implementation activity will be readied
for the Sinop Historical Prison.


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