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Black Widow Partial to Cleaning Liquid

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 December 2012)
Black Widow wears black.

In Gaziantep, retired worker Salman Sanlidag (85),
who lived alone, married 40 year-old Emine
Sanlidag two months ago. But Emine allegedly
planned to kill her husband in league with her
lover and take Salman's home and retirement pay.
She stands accused of putting cleaning liquid in
Salman's whisky bottle last Monday and having
him drink it.

After taking a few sips, the unlucky Salman fell
to the ground as Emine first called her lover Resul
Ozbay, and then 112 (Turkish 911).  The rescue
team came to the house and pronounced Salman
dead, with Emine telling them that Salman had
a heart condition. The team, considering this to
be reasonable, given Salman's age, recorded
the cause of death as a 'heart attack'.

Salman was laid to rest as Emine cried but the
murder came to light a few days later by chance.
Emine's lover Ozbay was under technical
surveillance in connection with a counterfeitting
investigation and his conversations with Emine
about the murder led police to review their
previous phone conversations.

Allegedly, Emine, who had her husband drink
the cleaning liquid she put in his whisky bottle,
first called Ozbay as Salman lay writhing in pain.
As reflected in their phone conversation, Ozbay
told Emine "don't touch him. Let him die. Don't
let on (about the cleaning liquid) when you tell
the rescue team and the police about it."

In light of this information, police took Emine,
Ozbay and Ozbay's friend into custody. Emine
denied the charges, declaring that "my husband
drank the cleaning liquid himself". For his part,
Ozbay stated that "I don't know anything about
anything." The two were transported to jail on
the charge of "causing a death."

Salman's body will be exhumed and sent to the
police forensic lab.

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