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Smoker's Rage Targets Mom

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 December 2012)
Can he smoke in prison?

In Malatya, a 17 year-old youth stabbed his
mother 20 times after she scolded him for
not doing his homework and smoking while
his aunt was sitting next to him. U.T.(17)
became angry at being upbraided, grabbed
a bread knife from the kitchen and stabbed
his mother Fatma T. (60) repeatedly in a
corridor of their house.

Subsequently, U.T. wrapped his mother's
body in a blanket and hid it in a clothes
closet in his bedroom. Father S.T., who runs
a coffee house in Yazihan district, came home
when he couldn't reach his wife. Together with
U.T. and his brother-in-law, S.T. went to the
police station to file a missing persons report.

Fatma T.'s body was found in the closet by
relatives who noticed blood traces on the rug.
During questioning, U.T. confessed and was

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