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Joker on Fatal End of Practical Joke

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 December 2012)

Yasin B. on the right.

In Artvin, a policeman who told his colleagues that
he gets scared when he's home alone was the victim
of a "ski-mask practical joke" that ended in the death
of one of the jokers.

Mehmet Pekdura (26) went to the home of his fellow
policeman Yasin B. wearing a ski-mask, intending to
scare his friend, who shot Pekdura in a panic. The
Artvin Governor's office has opened an investigation
and the Governor, Necmettin Kalkan, said that "it was a
very unfortunate incident. We're very sad. A joke that
should not have been played cost the life of one of our
policemen." Yasin B. was arrested for killing his colleague.

Yasin B. is assigned to the Yusufeli police station. He told
his workmates that he gets scared when he is at his home,
where he lives by himself. Hearing this, his friends decided
to play a practical joke on him. Mehmet Pekdura and two
other policemen put on ski-masks and went to Yasin B.'s
home. When they rang the bell, Yasin B. looked through
the peephole, saw masked men and panicked.

Yasin B. then opened the door and began firing his gun
randomly, wounding Pekdura who later died from bullet
wounds to his head and body. Yasin B. told the prosecutor
that "when I opened the door they all started to shout. I
didn't know what was going on. I was really scared. I
shot the person closest to me with my revolver. Evidently,
it was Mehmet."

It has been learned that Yasin B. will receive psychological

Yusufeli located toward the SW

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