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Crashing Into Stores Edition

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 21 December 2012)
Crash crushes dummy.

Ali B., the son of a rich farming family in Sanliurfa,
came to Abide intersection while driving his Jeep the
night before last but he didn't notice the barriers put
up for road work and lost control of his vehicle. The
Jeep first hit a bank ATM and then careened into a
clothing store. Both the store and the vehicle were
damaged but miraculously there was no loss of life.

Ali B. was in a state of shock, though, and when he
saw the lifeless 'bodies' underneath his car he panicked
and ran away. The 'bodies' turned out to be manikins
that fell from the store window when Ali B. crashed
his Jeep into it. Soon afterwards, Ali B. was taken into
custody and released by the prosecutor after he gave
a statement.

Sanliurfa province
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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 December 2012)
Failed driving test yet again...
A tragicomic incident unfolded in Umraniye's Adem
Yavuz neighborhood. Scrap-iron dealer Muyeddin
Erisgen (51), in his own words, said that while driving
he was trying to dust some ashes off of his pants, lost
control of his pick-up truck - which has a 'for sale' sign
in its window - and crashed into a food market.
Local people noted that it was lucky that the accident
occurred before the nearby elementary school released
its students. The market owner, Fatma Ceylan, was in
shock as she got stuck in her store and police determined
that Erisgen didn't have a driver's license. Erisgen, though,
was not concerned, noting that "does everyone have a
license? Maybe. It's normal. I took the driving test many
times but I went to the police station and couldn't get
Traffic police wrote a report on Erisgen and the vehicle
was pulled out of the store. 


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