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Knife in Stomach Lo These Nine Years

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 December 2012)
Nine-year friend shows up.

In Edirne, a worker who was knifed in a fight
9 years ago has just found out that after the
operation the knife remained in his stomach all
this time. It was thought that it would be too risky
to remove the knife but the unlucky fellow says
that he will now file a complaint against the

Nihat Cevik (37) got knifed in the stomach
during a fight at a wedding in Uzunkopru district
nine years ago and was released from the State
Hospital after treatment. Two weeks ago Cevik
was injured from a fall at work and went to a
private hospital in Istanbul for an examination.
He got an  x-ray, which showed that the knife
in his stomach had been forgotten for the past
nine years.

Cevik filed a complaint against the doctors at
Uzunkopru State Hospital who had operated
on him. He said that when he saw the x-ray
and the forgotten knife he was shocked and
scared. Evidently the risk of removing the
knife had been too high but Cevik nevertheless
filed his complaint against the doctors.

"I had been losing sleep, I was uneasy. Whenever
I went through security in Istanbul they would
search me. Apparently, because of the knife in
my stomach the security alarms went off and
since I didn't know about it I would argue with
the security personnel. When I found out that
the knife had been left in my stomach I was

The chief doctor at Uzunkopru State Hospital,
Dr. Recep Vural, said that as the result of the
complaint an investigation has been begun. He
added that since he hadn't been at the hospital
nine years ago he didn't know which doctors
had operated on Cevik. Dr. Vural stated that
"the metal portion of a knife remained in the
patient's stomach. The x-ray shows this. We're
investigating the situation."

Edirne, Uzunkopru, etc.


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