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Doomsday: First Strike

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 December 2012)
'Over there somewhere...'

Last week a meteorite fell into the Black Sea
near Persembe district of Ordu province
causing a raft of calls to the "Hello Fetva"
(Islamic mufti's opinion) line of the Ordu
Muftulugu (provincial office of the mufti).
Some callers asked "were the Mayans Moslems?",
while others asked "how can I absolve all my
sins in a short time?"

When the meteorite fell into the open waters
of the Black Sea on tuesday of last week at
2250 hours it was recorded on security cameras.
The Ordu Governor, Orhan Duzgun, opened an
investigation and soon after the incident calls
began coming in to the "Hello Fetva" line. When
asked about doomsday the holy men on duty
replied that "only God knows when doomsday
will come."

The mufti in Unye district, however, asserted
that the claims that doomsday will occur on
21 December have a positive effect on people
but he added that "there's no truth to the idea
that the world will end on 21 December. In
the Koran God gives us five unknowable
truths and only He knows when doomsday
will come.  The good side is that people make
preparations and do their holy duties. I think
this is favorable."

Mustafa T. witnessed the fall of the meteorite
and stated that "it went toward the sea like a
ball of fire. Persembe was all lit up." Others
thought that it was part of a fireworks display,
while there were those who thought that a light
had been showered on the cemetary. But all
remarked that "when we saw the meteorite
fall we couldn't help but think about the rumors
that doomsday will come on 21 December."

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