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Plane Bomb Threat All for Naught

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 6 December 2012)
A.A. with new friends.

As Turkish Airlines' 0745 a.m. flight to Kishniev,
Moldova, with 112 passengers aboard, was heading
for the runway yesterday at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport,
a phone call came in declaring a bomb threat. The plane
was stopped and then brought to the so-called Air
Taxi Road area where it was surrounded by special
police and bomb disposal teams.

Passengers were taken off the plane, which was
searched. At this point, one A.A. admitted to police
that it was he who had called in the bomb threat. In
his statement, A.A. claimed that Moldovan nurse Lilian
T., with whom he works, had defrauded him and stolen
5,000 USD and perhaps other valuables.

A.A. explained that he made the bomb threat so that
Lilian T. would be caught. However, it was determined
that Lilian T. was not even on the plane. A.A. was
brought before a prosecutor and after an interrogation
was released pending trial.

Passengers were boarded once again and the plane took
off for Kishniev at 1115 a.m.

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