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Trust No One

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(Posta Newspaper, 16 December 2012)

Ramazan & Zeynep dance - before hit-man cut in.

The bodies of livestock feeder Ramazan Kaplan (49)
of Isparta and his partner, Austrian Herald Weib (52),
have been found in Aksehir, Konya. Kaplan's wife
of 27 years, Zeynep Kaplan (47), confessed to the
murder, explaining that "Ramazan was cheating on
me. That's why I decided to have a hit-man kill him.
I approached construction expert Erkan Yildiz, who
built our garage, about it and he directed me to
his friend Bati Kilic (36).

Kilic was captured and gave the following statement:
"I'm married and the father of two children but I was
having an affair with S.K. (25), who works at a bar.
I rented a house for her but she continually wanted
money. That's why I killed Ramazan and his partner,
who witnessed the murder. For 30,000 Euros (70,000TL).
When my girlfriend heard about the incident she
blackmailed me."

Zeynep Kaplan, Bati Kilic and Erkan Yildiz are in jail.
S.K. is free pending trial.


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