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Turk CIA Agents Stuck in Traffic

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 16 December 2012)
Traffic snarl angered agents.

Allegedly, I.S. and H.B., members of the National
Intelligence Organization (MIT - Turkey's CIA
equivalent), got stuck in traffic at the Ankara Ciftlik
intersection on the night of 10 December. Shortly
afterwards, the MIT pair argued with Ankara city
workers making the road repairs that were stalling

The MIT members said to the workers "what are
you doing making road repairs at this hour? And
why didn't you put up any warning signs?" In
response, the workers shouted "who do you think
you are? We should ask you when we should do
our work?"  As the argument heated up I.S. allegedly
drew  his gun and fired into the air. As hundreds of
drivers looked on in amazement the police intervened.

Both sides filed complaints against the other and a
file was sent to the prosecutor. Police investigators
found three spent shells at the scene and filed a report
to this effect. But the workers claimed that seven shots
were fired. 

In their statement, the MIT pair claimed
that "the workers were coming on to us, they were
going to attack us. We fired into the air to protect
ourselves."  The four workers, though, had a different
take on the incident, saying that "they insulted us.
'We're security chiefs, we'll have you all rounded up.
Are you terrorists?' they said. They fired at us but
we didn't do anything."


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