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"I was drunk" Defense Saves Wife-beater

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 December 2012)
Rabia's good deed does not go unpunished.

In Adana, Rabia Duman, the mother of four,
went to a shopping center with a friend to get
a surprise present for her husband to celebrate
their wedding anniversary of 18 March 2012.
At this time, Kemal Duman (48) called his
wife demanding to know where she was. Not
pleased with her response, an angry Kemal
told Rabia to come home right away.

When she reached home Rabia was mercilessly
beaten by her husband and spent days in a
hospital. Kemal was arrested and brought before
the Adana 5th Court of First Instance, where
he stated that "I drank. We argued. I don't
remember hitting or hurting her." Kemal was
then released.

Rabia dropped her complaint at the latest
hearing but related that "when I got home
he said 'who told you you could go there?!'
Then he started to beat me and this continued
from 2 a.m to 9 a.m. My nose was broken.
I filed a divorce suit . But I've withdrawn my

Kemal was given a sentence of 1 year 4 months
but the sentence was postponed.

Adana province

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